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la faye and surroundings

Vertolaye is at the centre of the National Regional Livradois Forest Park, a park which is just asking to be discovered

Les Hautes Chaumes (1640m). This is a paradise for naturalists, mountain bikers and ramblers. Situated between St Etienne and Ambert this bare plateau is a must for those who dream of escape. Dominating the south of France a series of crests in the forest lead to the discovery of a constellation of mountains – the Alps in the setting sun, the mountains of the Cantal, Sancy, Velay and the Puy de Dôme.



La Chaise Dieu (Seat of God). This majestic abbey dominates the town. At the end of August a prestigious festival of classical and religious music is held.


Discover the stone cabins
in the forests with
their thatched roofs. 


The water-powered paper mill
of Richard de Bas.

Recreatief Auvergne


 For walkers there are 400 kilometres of paths and tracks. The time taken varies from several hours to days. Information concerning these nature walks and topographic maps are to hand.

Routes for cyclists and cross-country cycling are well marked.
Tennis is available at Vertolaye (€3 an hour per court) and is five minutes walk away through the woods.



An adventure forest at Toutée Pass covers the length
and breadth of the region


For skiers there are facilities for alpine and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and tobogganing

 Information on wild birds, walking and climbing is available 


 Climbing and hanggliding takes place at Job which is 10 kilometres from La Faye 


A very popular sport within this region is ‘boules’, not unakin to bowls but played with metal balls. 




The weekly market on Thursday in picturesque Ambert. Annual markets and flea markets are available throughout the year.



For all other information concerning activities within the park see